Separating toilet paper from wastewater

Toilet paper separating

Our manure separators can separate almost anything. They are not only used in agriculture, but also other industries. More and more organizations know how to find Keydollar and see possibilities for their own situation.

Let’s take a look at our special project with Wetterskip Fryslân. This Dutch organisation takes care for the waters in Friesland (province in The Netherlands). They also process wastewater that contains toilet paper. Normally the toilet paper that is purified from the water is being destroyed. But that’s actually a missed opportunity! Because these remaining materials can be used otherwise.

Normally the toilet paper is purified in the water purification plant, but this takes a lot of energy. Wetterskip Fryslân is now testing whether this can be done in a different way. In the test set-up, the wastewater goes through some kind of tumble dryer which filters the toilet paper from the water. The wastewater gets purified even more just like the toilet paper. This is where our Keydollar separator comes into play. The separator dries the toilet paper (40% dry matter) so that it can eventually be transported as granules. For the water purification plant it ultimately saves 15% of the energy that is otherwise needed to purify the water!

After separation, a dry and clean product remains that suddenly gains value for other industries. For instance, the paper industry now indicates that it’s interested in this dried toilet paper for recycling. The material can also be used as a raw material for asphalt.

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